Card Counting

Counting cards is one of the things that only few people can do. It is hard because it will challenge your memory. Also, if you do that properly, you will have advantage over the house. This is one of the few ways known to give you a big advantage in a one long run play vs. the dealer. The basic of counting card is simple. You are interested in counting good and bad cards. The good cards are useful for the player and he/she wants to have them the next round. The bad cards are useless to the player and they may harm the player greatly.

Players have an advantage over the house because all dealers have to follow some rules regarding the hitting. Also, there are rules about betting, which have to be followed by the dealer, too. This gives the player the unique chance of making new situations, where the player will be having the edge. The dealer is obliged to hit, if he or she is having less than 17. If the player has counted the cards and he/she knows what next card is going to be, this most certainly gives him the unique possibility to reduce the house's odds of winning.

Steps on counting

STEP ONE: Common strategy

You want to learn all common and basic strategy guides that you can find. That way you will have the knowledge that you must have to understand the more complex tactics and situations.

STEP TWO: Learn how to count

Using Good/Bad or Hi/Lo is very simple and good system for you as a newbie. You could be counting the high cards, including the ace as -1 and all other cards as +1.


You must convert the cards that you have counted in actual cards, where you will know the exact consequence.

STEP FOUR: Check the casino environment.

You must know that casino often forbids counting system and bans player for counting cards. That's why you must keep your head down to make sure that you will not be spotted while you are doing this.

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