Card Values

When you play blackjack, it does not matter how big you are, it does not matter what clothes you wear, it does not matter how smart you are. The only one thing that does matter is to know the different values of the cards and the hands. This is crucial for the blackjack.


The point of game is to receive a bigger hand than the dealer's hand value. If you do that, and did not go over 21, you will be the winner. However, if you do get a hand, which is higher than 21, you will "bust" and you will lose the game. That's why, it is not recommended to get higher hand value than 21.

Card Values

  • Having an ace in your hand is the best thing for you. This hand is also known as "soft hand". The reason for this is because ace could be counted as 11 or 1, whatever suits the player most. If the player chooses to hit, which is to get another hand from the dealers, he/she will never bust because the ace could be counted as 1. This means that ace gives a good advantage to the player allowing him to extend the number of possible options lying in front of him.
  • The king, queen and jack are counted as 10. They are the so called "face cards"
  • The other cards in the deck have the same value as the figures that are written on them

Strategy and 10's

Number of reasons put the 10's as really important part of your winning strategy. First of all, the number of 10's in the deck is much higher than the number of all other cards. The Tens are 16 in the deck, which consist of 52 cards. This means that there is really great chance of getting a ten. That's why you must expect to get a ten, each time a dealer gives you a card. That way you will be able to make predictions about the choices that you have to make

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