Ed Thorp

Some players are always better than other players. That's why they are remarkable and when people hear they names they think only of perfections. They have contributed greatly to the development of certain games and that's why people will always remember their names. There are few names in the world of blackjack that would impress everybody.

One of them is Edward Thorp. He is known to be one of the three most successful players of all time. His blackjack skills are one of a kind. Also, he is the person who is known to be the father of the "card counting" technique. This technique is now popular all over the world, thanks to Thorp's hard work.

He is born in 1932 and his contribution to blackjack is great. When people hear his name, they think for a very successful player, whit a great contribution to the blackjack world. Card counting technique is the thing that changed the world of blackjack dramatically.

Edward Thorp - Card counting technique

First of all, you must know that Edward Thorp is a very unique person. He is very smart and his intelligence is outstanding. This is the reason why he was able to discover the card counting technique. The year of 1958 was a good year for Thorp because he got his doctorate in Mathematics completed. He worked in M.I.T between the years of 1959 and 1961.

You must understand that blackjack is something that was not part of Thorp's life for a long time. His amazing mathematical and analytical skills gave him the possibility to follow the order of the cards. He was only blackjack enthusiast for some time. However, after he discovered this blackjack system, which has proven to be winning, he started dealing with blackjack on a professional level.

This technique gives the player a unique possibility. He is able to change the odds of the game and get the edge over the house. This is really important because blackjack is mainly luck-based game. However, with this skills and tactics acquired you will be able to predict some of the changes during the game.

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