Blackjack Tips

Blackjack is the game in which a player has a chance to cut down the house edge with the help of using Basic Blackjack Strategy. And Blackjack tips will help players to learn to play black jack and decide when to hit, stand, double down and split pairs.

Hit or Stand

  • If it is 9 or less, you should always hit. It is a low chance that you will win and that is why if you hit it will raise the odds of winning.
  • Also you should hit on hand if the value between 10 and 16, if the dealer has a card of 7 or higher.
  • If your hand is 17 or higher, you should stand because the chances of taking a hit with no busting are slim. It would be better to play on 17 all the time during the game.
  • If it is an Ace, you have a soft total. The strategy for soft hands is slightly different because Aces are ranked as 11 or none.

A lot of Blackjack players ignore these tips. When one has a 6 and an Ace, it is very important to stand on 17. Besides, you can easily improve a soft 17. The hit wouldn't raise the total, but a soft 17 hit wouldn't hurt either. So, taking the hit on less than 19 will always improve one's chances to win the game.

Tables to Avoid

A lot of online Blackjack players say that it is very important to play the game in good company. Of course, if you are playing at home with your friends or in online casino it would be much better, but if you are playing in land-based casino it is impossible to know who will sit close by you. In this case you can switch tables.

Always try to avoid dejected or mean spirited players because as a rule they draw other players' attention away from the game. The same we can say about drunken players.

So, these are the main tips of playing Blackjack. Follow these tips and you will improve your skills of playing this game and you will have good chances to win.

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