Mike Aponte

Mike Aponte is one of the people, who are born in family with a lot of army men. That's why he traveled a lot. He did not like it but there was no other option for him. However, finally he settled down in the city of Boston, where he started studying at MIT. Years passed and he moved to Washington D.C. Before he actually moves there, he did a lot of traveling to find the perfect place for him to settle with his life.

MIT Team

Mike Aponte started playing blackjack because of the MIT team. The original project of creating a MIT team that deals with blackjack failed. However, millions were invested to make a new team and Mike was part of it. They become really popular for a very short time. They participated in many different TV shows.

People loved them and that's why their popularity kept on rising. The three books by the team changed the world of blackjack forever. One of them is called "Brining down the house" and it is one of the bestsellers, when it comes down to blackjack. The other two books are: "Anything for the money" and "Breaking Vegas". The approach to the game made the people curious about the next step of the team.

Money making

During the 6 years, this team made millions for the people who originally invested in them. First of all, all players had to pay back the money. They had to win this money back. After that, any profit made is divided fairly in 50/50 between all the players and the investors. Mike was part of this team and he was one of the brightest persons there. His biggest win was about $200.000 in one night.

This is a personal record. There are few players in the world that have gained more than $150.000 in one night when they play blackjack. Mike did that because his mathematical skills allowed him to do that. He is a genius at math and no one could stop him from becoming a world star. His skills are legendary.

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